Featured Marketing Campaign

Murfreesboro Medical Clinic’s 70th Anniversary

We have provided their primary creative advertising concepts for several years and were asked to develop this comprehensive and community wide campaign. Confidence, clarity and goodwill were at the center of the messaging and imaging for this year long campaign. In addition to developing the initial creative, we also managed the campaign’s consistency so that effective branding was achieved.

Web Development & Customer Services

MMC’s web presence is a vital tool to reach the community for many reasons—from finding a physician for newcomers to paying your bill online—therefore we needed to make sure the thousands of monthly visitors were effectively messaged about the campaign. We worked directly with the web development company to ensure the right graphics were in place and functionality was flawless.

Print Design & Brand Management

MMC’s print ad campaign has always been aggressive and strategic. We employed a series of visually stunning ads that communicated the 70th Anniversary message—Care, Compassion & Community—to their target market. Repetition and placement played a key role in this (and every) campaign but we wanted to make sure we understood what the audience needed to know so that we could achieve successful awareness and response for our client. We did and that was proven in the significant uptick in web and social media traffic. These increases lead to more new patients for nearly every speciality at the clinic. MMClinic.com