Anyone can follow their dreams; the real story is where those dreams take you. Christian Hidalgo, owner and creative director of Navigation Advertising, has a story about his journey into the advertising world and what he is doing today.

Fun fact, Christian never even took any advertising classes in college. He went to art school to pursue graphic design. While in college, he had clients request advertising projects such as creating websites, social media posts, and other assignments that included copy. This planted his advertising journey, and since then, he has grown the blossomed company he has today.

A key contributor to his success was research. Mr. Hidalgo constantly reads articles to better understand advertising, how he can help his clients, and important events and information going on in the world today. His company’s work is based on two sayings, “Less is more, and form follows function.” By staying true to these words, Christian and his team work together to create successful client campaigns.

With this foundation in mind and the successful relationships the Navigation team has created, most clients seek out Navigation for their expertise. About 90% of their clients make first contact rather than through referrals or just driving by and seeing the Navigation Building on Medical Center Parkway.

Healthcare makes up much of Navigation Advertising’s clientele. It is an ever-changing area, whether they are creating a campaign around flu season or an educational video about how to care for newborns. There is always something different to advertising, which is the exciting part that keeps Navigation in that partnership. Some other interesting new clients include the Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration in Shelbyville, Tn, and a company called Arcosa, which sells marine products for barges. All these clients are in entirely different categories of companies, making each day full of exciting topics to work with.

Unlike other advertising agencies, Navigation has a strong presence in video production. Christian has worked a great deal within the industry and finds it valuable in the advertising world. Social media and digital advertising like Google search/display and web presence are some of the other strong attributes that Navigation brings.

In closing, Christian encourages everyone to “Find what you like and master your craft.” Constantly researching and studying your profession will set you up for success. This will lead to you loving what you do for work every day. Christian found his craft and gets to do what he loves every day while also getting paid for it!

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