Reach the right target market(s), communicate uniquely with those markets, get response and analyze effectiveness!

Simply put, that’s our philosophy when approaching any direct response campaign. Too many companies use a “shotgun” approach rather than a “rifle” approach when communicating to their audiences. Why waste communication on somebody who will never be receptive to your product or service – you’re wasting time and money. We can target your market by their location, age, income, etc., so that you get more return on your advertising investment.

At Navigation, our philosophy is to “test” before we “roll” so everything from A/B split testing to list coding is undertaken to provide the most effective and efficient use of your marketing dollars.

Services Overview:

  • List Research and Acquisition
  • File Hygiene (merge purge, suppression)
  • Database Profitability Segmentation and Management
  • Direct Mail, Telemarketing
  • E-mail Campaigns
  • Online Advertising
  • On-hold Advertising