So Facebook is simple right? You hop on and log in, post a status update and customers, clients and fans just flock to you, right? If only this were true. Unfortunately, this is what a lot of business owners often think. One of the most common mistakes of business owners when they use Facebook on their own without help from a social media expert is plain old giving up. A Facebook campaign takes a lot of work, time, effort and understanding of your audience to succeed. When business owners don’t see any growth in their page or obvious benefits to their business, the updates and activity often ceases and ultimately a great business tool is abandoned.

So in one sentence, what can I say that ALL business owners need to hear about their social media pages? People don’t want to hear about your business all the time! It’s true, I promise. Hard selling your company, product, sales, etc. definitely has a place on your Facebook page, but it most certainly is not the dominant place. Think about it, we live in a world where we are practically attacked by advertisements all day long — we can spot an advertisement from a mile away, so why would we want to see more? People retreat to Facebook for information, yes, but mostly as escape from everyday life. That is so important to remember when writing content for your Facebook page.

So what are you supposed to post if not about your business all the time? Well that’s where the social media expert comes in. You have to know how to write engaging content. Let me repeat that because it’s so important. Engaging Content. Just so you truly get it, ENGAGING CONTENT. Okay I think we have that cleared up. So how does one write engaging content? You have to know your audience. What are their interests? What kind of people are they? Demographics? Geographics? Everything must be considered. It’s important to know how to ask the right questions, when your audience is listening, what appeals to your audience and how to get them engaged.

Facebook is meant to be a participatory community. Your website is meant to provide information about the history of your company, what you do, what your products are, etc.. Your social media efforts are where you get the awesome opportunity to give your business a personality (that matches your brand of course) and develop meaningful and long-lasting relationships with your audience.

A Social Media expert is going to be able to sit down with you and learn about you, your brand and your audience then take that information in order to implement a plan for engaging and growing your page! Don’t get stuck on the conveyer belt of hard-selling and constant company promotion — call us and talk to one of our Social Media experts today and learn more about what Facebook and other social media strategies can do for you!