Choosing the Right Digital Advertising Platform for Your Business

With nearly 3 billion internet users in the world, it’s no secret that your brand should be advertising online in some capacity. Google and Facebook, the first and third most-visited websites in the U.S., both offer advertising services at a relatively low cost, but how do you choose which advertising platform is right for you? Here are a few things to consider when deciding where to invest your online advertising budget:


Facebook has about 1.28 billion monthly active users and 1 trillion page views per month. An ad on Facebook has a potential reach of 43.8 percent of all internet users. On the other hand, Google boasts 180 billion searches every month, which means an ad on Google Ads can reach over 2.6 billion people each month, which is about 90 percent of all internet users. It is clear that Google reaches a larger audience, but reach isn’t the only factor to consider.

Targeting Options

Facebook Ads offer several options that allow you to narrow down your target audience and ensure that the right people are seeing your ads. You can target your audience by location, demographics, behaviors and interest. Facebook also allows you to target accounts that are similar to current customers or website visitors. Facebook also targets ads to bounced traffic from your website or landing pages, bringing potential customers back to your site. Google allows for some ad targeting based on keywords, language and location, but Google’s targeting options are more limited and less specific.

Mobile Advertising

Facebook Ads can be optimized for mobile viewing and 21.7 percent of Facebook Ad revenue comes from mobile advertising. However, Google Ads allow you to choose your budgeting ratio for mobile and tablets, and 46.8 percent of Google Ad revenue comes from mobile. So if you’re looking to reach potential customers on their phones and tablets, it looks like Google takes the cake.

Return on Investment

The final category to consider when deciding on an online advertising platform is ROI, or return on investment. In other words, which website gives you the most bang for your buck? Facebook’s cost per one thousand impressions is about one dollar, while Google’s is $2.75. However, Google boasts a 2.35 percent conversion rate while Facebook’s is 1-2 percent.

So which platform should you choose? It all depends on your end goal. Google Ads tend to be better for casting a wide net and converting clicks into immediate sales. However, due to specific targeting tools, Facebook Ads are better used for brand awareness and lead generation. Still need help deciding where to invest your advertising budget? Our professionals at Navigation Advertising can help lead your business in the right direction. Contact us today!