We’re right in the middle of this year’s holiday season, but that doesn’t mean that it’s too late to start your seasonal advertising. Of course timing is an important aspect of any ad campaign, but it’s even more important when it comes to advertising during annual holidays. Plan in advance and create the best strategy for the season. Holiday advertising can be done in a variety of formats; your company or business will have to decide which type of advertising will be most effective during this time of year. Those possible formats can range from themed social media posts to exclusive holiday promotion to helpful holiday related native content.

You can get creative with your targeting by making use of Google AdWords to make sure that holiday shoppers are finding your business or product. Another great way to reach your target during the holidays is to use segmentations of your audience or target market to craft a more personal message for a specific section of your target. Creating ads for specific segments of a market rather than trying to appeal to a wide variety of people can be more effective, especially during the holidays when people are doing their online shopping. Use copy to connect to the segments you choose to target and work on building customer relationships by catering to their interests.

If you’re creating a multimedia advertising campaign for the holidays be sure to be consistent in your design and message. Have a slogan or tagline that carries through all of the various ads and make it memorable and relevant to the holiday season. You want to make your message stand out amongst the thousands of other holiday advertisements that are flooding consumers, especially now that holiday advertising seems to be starting earlier and earlier with each passing year. Don’t let the stress of the holidays overwhelm you, contact us at Navigation Advertising for help creating an effective holiday ad campaign.