Even with the rise of social media, press releases are still one of the most effective ways to acquire positive media coverage. However, the success of a press release relies almost entirely on how well it is constructed. We have collected a few common press release mistakes and suggestions for improvement:

1. Don’t write a press release on something insignificant.

Journalists and other media professionals are looking for news. Don’t fill their inboxes with immaterial subject matter. When your reader realizes that your press release isn’t valuable to them, they will stop reading. Send press releases with information that is unique, significant and interesting.

2. Don’t use industry jargon.

Your readers need to be able to understand your press release without a dictionary. Avoid fancy language and complex ideas. If you are unsure, have someone outside of your industry read the press release before you send it. If they are confused, your audience most likely will be too.

3. Don’t waste time.

Get straight to the point of your press release in the first sentence. Use no more than 15 words to state the hard-hitting facts right off the bat. This will keep your reader interested and cause them to keep reading.

4. Don’t add “fluff.”

A press release is a factual document, so don’t add your opinion or analysis. Stick to the facts. Be as straightforward as you possibly can so as not to distract from your point. Your reader will get lost in the details and may give up on your press release if he or she gets bogged down with unnecessary minutiae.

5. Don’t use a boring title.

The title of your press release should grab a reader’s attention and explain exactly what the release is about. Use active words and keep it short and concise. Your readers will scan their inboxes looking for material and a boring title could get your press release sent straight to the trash.

These common mistakes could make or break your next press release. Our professionals at Navigation Advertising can help you make your next press release a success. Give us a call today!