Identity & Branding


The foundation of every successful advertising campaign is an effective corporate brand. Most understand corporate identity as a logo, but successful branding much more than just a logo. A compelling branding campaign utilizes shape, color, positioning, style and just the right amount of storytelling. Our task is to take the complex and make it simple. Less is more. Complexity is confusing. A clean, clear and creative corporate identity lets your clients and customers know you mean business—whether you own a multi-national corporation or a start-up—we help you create the perfect corporate identity.

If you’re looking to launch an entirely new brand, the Navigation approach is to take your company’s DNA (its people, promise, product/service, environment and its competition) and develop a stand-apart, inspired, consistent look and feel that immediately identifies your company to your target market(s). 

Additionally, some brands need a little updating. This can be attributed to market forces, competition or new technology. At Navigation, we can develop a re-design that addresses and incorporates this need for change without losing the essence of what made your brand successful in the first place.

We also make sure your branding is consistent through every level of your promotional effort. From business cards to television commercials, your chosen color palette, fonts, design, placement, etc., must be consistent so that you create brand equity in the hearts and mind if your target market. Your brand has value and we work tirelessly to increase that value.

  • Brand Launches
  • Brand Re-Designs
  • Message and Unique Selling-Point(s) Development
  • World-Class Logo Design
  • Premium-Product Branding
  • Sub-brands
  • Point of Purchase Displays
  • Branded Promotional Products