Navigation Advertising provided the primary creative advertising and marketing solutions for Sean Meek as he released his new book, In the Shadow of the Ark: A Story of the World Before the Genesis FloodIn the Shadow of the Ark was written as a Biblical historical fiction that presented evidence and ideas about the world pre-flood. We enjoyed working with Sean on this project, that allowed him to tell his story and share it with his audience.


“When I started writing this book, I knew that this was an important message that God wanted others to hear. After spending years of hard work writing this book, I was ready to share this important message with the world. Navigation helped spread awareness for my book and God’s message through their web development, digital advertising, and podcast production. I am thankful that we were able to tell the story of the world before the flood through this campaign,” said Sean Meek.


In the Shadow of the Ark’s web presence and digital advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google were essential to promoting the book and message. Paid display ads on Google and Facebook played an important role in reaching readers that were not actively searching for his book but based on their interests, may be interested in Biblical historical fiction.


We had the pleasure of working with Sean to produce the In the Shadow of the Ark podcast that further explains the book and the research behind it. Working on the podcast with Sean was an amazing experience where we were able to further share his story with his audience. After we recorded the podcast in our studio and edited it in-house, we distributed his podcast to iHeart, Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Audible, and Google, which allowed the message of In the Shadow of the Ark to be shared with people around the world. Creating a podcast where Sean was able to expound upon his story helped the book come alive in a whole other way.


We wrote and distributed a press release announcing the release of In the Shadow of the Ark was sent out nationwide helped us create awareness of Sean’s book across the United States and increase web traffic and book sales.


We’re very grateful to be a part of this campaign. If you want to publish a book, produce a podcast or launch a website and social media campaign, call us today at (615) 898-1496.