My name is Liam Thomas, I am a graduating senior from the college of Media and Entertainment at MTSU. Since freshman year of high school, I have known storytelling was where I wanted to end up. The most trivial part for me was knowing how I wanted to tell them. I took it upon myself to learn many different programs to make the translation as easy as possible. With my Video/Advertising internship here at Navigation, I’ve gotten to apply those skills in a professional environment. I’ve been given tasks ranging from treatments on web videos to a camera operator on many shoots. My experience so far has been amazing. The whole team at Navigation is really into the work they do, this remains evident in Christian’s approach to interns. The best way I can describe it is bowling with the safety rails. He points me towards the pins but how I get there is up to me, with the help of the guard rails of course. I would recommend this opportunity to anyone who thrives off of a hands-on approach to learning.