Hello! My name is Olivia Key, and I am an intern here at Navigation for the spring semester. I am a current senior at Middle Tennessee State University. I am graduating in May with a degree in intergraded studies, double minoring in agriculture and visual communications. This last year of school has been my favorite. I have loved taking two minors about things that I am passionate about. I can honestly say it excites me to learn more and more about each topic. My goal is to find a career where I can incorporate both. I’m very excited for what the future holds.

In my free time I enjoy cooking, hiking, playing the banjo, taking photos and golfing. I love to spend time with my family and friends, they are my biggest supporters.

This semester I have had the opportunity to learn a lot in my time at Navigation. I have seen behind the seen how everything works together in the advertising world. I’ve gotten to work on many projects. A few examples are, researching future clients, filling spreadsheets with data, sending letters, interviews, creating files to be sent out and lots more. I love the flexibility this internship offers and how much I learn every time I’m here. My experience here at Navigation has been wonderful! I’m very thankful for this opportunity.