The Internet is constantly expanding, more and more people gain access to the to it as society becomes more technologically advanced. Each day something new and ‘improved’ is coming out, as we as consumers make decisions to buy and connect with these new offerings. Since the creation of smart phones and tablets, the world of the web has changed dramatically. Schools are using tablets and iPads for teaching—gone are the days where you have to go to the public library to get on the Internet.

64% of adult American’s own a smartphone — 64%, that’s huge!

Breaking that down, within that 64 percent of adult Americans, 25 percent of them have little to no other options for getting online, other than their cell phones. The amount of consumers viewing your businesses website on just their smartphone is well over the majority of American’s as a whole, depending on your target market it could be a much greater percentage. When you begin to consider the additional use of tablets and iPads instead of traditional desktop computers, you really do have to consider how your website is being viewed.

Websites traditionally were built to fit the average computer screen size, and as screen dimensions started to change, website development became more advanced. What does this mean for you and your business? Well, with mobile device usage as high as it is, it means you really need to update your website and make it ‘responsive’. Building responsive websites is one of our specialties at Navigation Advertising. We have been bringing business websites into the mobile age for years now and can take your existing website content and create a business website that is going to reach your consumers and display properly.

Still not real sure exactly what a ‘responsive’ website is? A responsive website simply means a website that responds to a window or screen size and allows a websites content to be viewed optimally from many different devices without having to code pages multiple times. This means optimal viewing of your website no matter how a consumer is accessing it. Responsive websites are the present and future of all websites. Spokespersons from Google have stated on multiple occasions that they favor responsive websites verses having a mobile specific webpage even, because it makes it easier for Google-bots to scour a website without getting hung up on incorrect links in a Google search result. That put a little simpler just means, Google doesn’t want to display desktop pages when you’re searching for mobile pages and vice versa.

Bringing your business website up with the times with a responsive website really is that important. With more mobile devices being used it’s important make sure your business website is ready for the changes and a responsive website can do that for you. We like to tell people that having a good responsive website is like having your business’ flyer in the world’s pocket and your exposure can only go up from there!

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