Buzz Marketing is a marketing tool that uses word of mouth to sell products and services. It can be a cost-effective way to spread the word about your company and create a “buzz” around your brand. Buzz marketing differs from traditional marketing in that it strives to get people talking about your business instead of just making them aware that your business exists. It may seem simple, but buzz marketing is not random. It needs to be strategic in order to be effective. Here are a few ways to leverage buzz marketing for your business:

Give them something to talk about.

In order to create a buzz, your company needs to be “buzz-worthy.” Find what makes your company unique and leverage that to your advantage. Whether you have excellent customer service or the best ice cream in town, give your consumers a reason to talk about your business with their friends and families. People are more likely to talk about a company that is remarkable or unusual and that stands out from others in the industry.

Give them somewhere to talk about it.

It’s not enough to be buzz-worthy if there is nowhere for people to talk about your brand. Create content that is easily accessed and shared through social media to increase your reach. Interact with consumers on your social media pages and provide an outlet for consumers to leave reviews and suggestions. Encourage satisfied customers to share their experiences online or with their friends by offering a referral incentive.

We are more likely to try a product or use a service that is recommended to us by people we know and trust. That is why buzz marketing can be such an effective tool for your company. In order to start organic conversations about your brand, you have to know what sets you apart and give your consumers a place to share that information with their community. If you need help generating buzz around your business, contact our professionals at Navigation Advertising today!