NAVIGATION IS GETTING OUR HANDS DIRTY. Nothing wrong with a little dirt, well unless you touch your mother’s clean furniture! But, a little dirt can be fun, especially when you’re off-roading! We are ever so proud to announce that we have a new client, Wide Open Design. WOD is one of the nation’s largest off-road vehicle manufacturer and off-road parts retailer.

Think hardcore, tough and most importantly—adventurous.

Wide Open Design was established by local, Adam Woodlee over 10 years ago in the Walter Hill area. WOD moved into their new shop in 2012 in Murfreesboro near the downtown square. Our guys talked to their guys and what’s coming next will be #bold. Merchandise is just the first step; our creative team is hooking up their Facebook and all things social media. Look forward to high definition photography, compelling videos and exciting details of their industry and shop.

Let’s delve more into the world of off-road vehicles.

Top industry brands like Radflo, Fox, King, Warn, QA1, Griffin, PRP, Twisted Stitch, Mast Motorsports, Interco, Winters and Trailgear… Wide Open Design carries. Woodlee and his guys also sell parts online, (Wide Open Design #shamelessplug) so their customers can have what they need when they need it.

Maybe this is the most exciting part yet, Wide Open Design even makes chassis’s. Chassis: framework and wheels of the vehicle. These guys are kind of like uber experts.

Because we know you’re curious, Wide Open builds rock crawler trail rigs (Jeeps, custom buggies with huge tires!), rock racers (800 hp lunar-type buggies), RZRs (2 seat four-wheeler w/a roll cage) and ultra4 race cars (1000 hp desert buggies). These vehicles are hand-made and full of passion for an industry that provides thrills and spills.


As WOD crafts and creates vehicles that ride wide open and drive fast, we’ll create a visual showcase of their talent and hard work while telling their story to their audiences. Don’t we make a great duo, just like a top hat and a mechanic’s uniform?