With more and more millennials joining the workforce, the generation has a significant (and growing) amount of buying power. Marketers are striving to target the millennial generation now more than ever, but many companies still fall short when it comes to reaching younger audiences. Millennials are a different breed, so it’s important to adjust marketing tactics in order to appeal to this generation.

To better connect with millennials, marketers should push more interactive content. Millennials interact with brands across social media platforms. You don’t want to overdo it though, as millennials prefer to see higher quality content rather than be bombarded on multiple fronts with the same information. Millennials typically trust their peers and people they respect more than they trust traditional marketing and advertising. They are more likely to trust a brand or company if they see it as having authenticity. To build this authenticity, companies should create advertising campaigns that are heavily based in storytelling and emotions. Millennials tend to connect with brands that embrace social responsibility and address current social issues.

That being said, marketers should be careful not to generalize when it comes to millennials. Millennials make up approximately a quarter of the U.S. population, so there is a lot of diversity in their generation. When targeting millennials, it is easy to be over broad as there are a variety of demographics and psychographics to take into account. When possible narrow the focus to a niche market that will be excited about and engage with your product. Marketers should also avoid overusing emoji’s and current slang. In many cases these things can misrepresent an established brand and likely won’t be well received by millennials. There have been cases where it has worked, but don’t rely too heavily on those forms of communication.

When marketing to millennials it’s important to be adaptable, contact us here at Navigation Advertising if you’re looking to market to millennials in Middle Tennessee and surrounding areas.