With businesses facing more competition than ever before, it has never been more important for your company to have an internet presence. When a consumer searches for a business in their area, it is important that your business is listed. With thousands of competitors online, it can be almost impossible for the search engine to list your business if you do not have the proper keywords. 

When a consumer searches the internet, the search engine immediately begins scanning the internet for a website to match the search. The search engine determines if your website is a match or not by your keywords. If your website, specifically your home page, does not have the keywords to match the search, then your website will not be seen. The design of your website does not matter if the consumer never sees it. 

When using keywords in the copy of your website, it is important to not force the words and phrases. Search engines are becoming smarter by the day, and they can no longer be fooled by keywords that are purposely placed on your website. It is important to write the keywords into your copy in a natural way. Your copy should be filled with keywords and phrases that best describe your page.