Every business is built on friendship.”— J.C. Penny

Social media is the internet’s gift to to all companies, especially advertising and marketing agencies. It really is, that important to have a well-maintained social media web presence. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Google plus are just a few of the major players that offer companies and their customers the ability to interact on a regular basis via the web. These are all ways we can interact with our clients. People love to interact and give their two cents, it’s human nature, and social media is designed to appeal to that desire in us. Social web presence makes your company appear more human and approachable.

But just having a profile just isn’t enough. Constant updates and interaction are essential to the success of your social media campaign. Best practices in social media indicate that posting should be done at a minimum of once daily. If you let your social media go unattended, chances are your customers are going to assume you went out of business or worse—you don’t care.

Social media marketing is hard work, just like maintaining relationships. Not that it’s not enjoyable, but it take constant effort to connect, stay connect, be relevant, and make the other party desire to remain in the relationship. Just remember, whether it’s a high school sweetheart or your largest client—there’s always competition seeking to draw them away from you and to them. Competition is good. It makes us better at what we do. Therefore, when it comes to competing for your target market’s attention and business, you must use social media as a tool and sometimes as weapon.

When we embark on a social media campaign for a client, we make sure to do thorough research so that we can best identify their customers and potential customers. We don’t want to aim at an unknown target. We want to be as accurate as possible so that we’re as effective as possible and minimize wasted time, effort and budgets. Next, we build effective creative messages and images that appeal to this target market. And then, we launch the campaign. Always adjusting based on response. Additionally, we follow several social marketing “best practices” that get and keep audiences engaged, never embarrass our clients and provide us with needed intel that helps us build effective, long-term campaigns.

We always remember what J.C. Penny said and do our best to make and keep friends with and for our clients.