The goal of higher education is to prepare students to be successful in their future careers. One of the most effective ways this is accomplished is through internships. Internships allow students to get hands-on experience in their field and gain valuable skills that they can use after graduation. However, internships can offer important benefits to employers as well. Here are a few ways internships benefit both the students and employers.

3 Ways Students Benefit from Internships:

  1. Students can apply classroom principles to professional environments.
    Internships allow students to take the theories and ideas they have learned in the classroom and apply it to real life situations. Often, this is when the most valuable learning takes place. When students are able to tackle problems and conflicts in real time, they put their textbook learning into practice, cementing it into their memory.
  2. Students can establish networking connections.
    Internships can act as stepping stones into opportunities within a chosen field, often at the very same organization. Building these connections during school will open up more opportunities for work after graduation.
  3. Students gain work experience.
    Employers are hesitant to hire college graduates with no experience. They want to see that their prospective hire has taken initiative and gained skills within the industry before they commit to hiring them. That is why internships are so valuable to finding a job after graduation. Having an internship (or two) on a resume can set an applicant apart from the competition.


3 Ways Employers Benefit from Internships:

  1. Employers can reap immediate rewards without committing to hiring.
    The days of unpaid interns making copies and going on coffee runs are long gone. Today’s interns are valuable assets to their companies, often providing real, beneficial contributions to the operations of the business. An internship offers a student time to learn the company and prove their worth before a hiring commitment is made.
  2. Employers can learn from new perspectives.
    Young interns offer a fresh take on the industry and current trends. Employers would be wise to listen closely to interns and allow them to tackle important projects and tasks when appropriate.
  3. Employers can connect with young professionals.


Internships offer employers an opportunity to expose a new generation of talent to their industry and brand. Today’s interns are tomorrow’s CEO’s, so connections made during internships can benefit companies in the long run.

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