Lighting and Sound for your video can get very confusing, but there are some simple rules to follow that will help make sure you get the best professional looking and sounding video possible.

For lighting you need to follow these simple steps. You will need three light sources: key light, fill light, and back light. Key light is your main lights source and it shines directly on your subject from the front to front light. Creates the overall feel and look of your shot. Fill light should be to the opposite side of the key light and provides balance to key light by filling in with a softer light to the subject. Back light is behind the subject and helps separate the subject from the background creating a flattering rim of light. Using this technique will help you in establishing a professional looking video.

For sound there are a few different types of microphones you can use. For the best basic quality sound would be to use a handheld microphone, shotgun microphone and/or a lavalier microphone. Handheld microphones are best for picking up heart shaped noise and are best for what is spoken in front of them. These are general purpose microphones and are best for reporters. Shotgun Microphones have a very tight pattern of capturing sound and are extremely directional and are useful on booms and attached to a camera when you need better audio quality than the cameras microphone. Lavalier Microphones are small that you can connect with a clip to a subject’s shirt/jacket and are best for when a subject is moving and getting a more direct sound.

Following these simple techniques and equipment will help you make your video very professional looking and sounding and are easy to do.