Navigation Advertising has provided primary creative advertising and marketing solutions for Crawlspaces and More for nearly three years. Crawlspaces and More is a crawl space encapsulation and mold remediation company in north Georgia that also specializes in structural/foundation issues and waterproofing. We have focused on growing their customer base through a consistent and dynamic web presence, digital advertising, email marketing, and a customer referral program.


Web Development and Digital Advertising

Crawlspaces and More’s web presence and digital advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google have been essential tools in reaching their north Georgia audience. Whether potential customers were simply interested in home improvement or actively searching for encapsulation professionals, we wanted to make sure Crawlspaces and More was highly visible in that market. When we started working with Crawlspaces and More, their website was several pages back in organic search results—now they come up in the first few pages. Paid digital advertising on Google has helped improve their organic search results and garner new customers over the years. We have been working with Crawlspaces and More for nearly three years, and within those 32 months, they averaged 568 clicks and 29,254 impressions on Google Search Ads per month. Facebook advertising has also been key in reaching consumers that were not actively searching for waterproofing or crawl space encapsulation but based on their interests, may be interested in their services. Over the last two and a half years, Crawlspaces and More has averaged 407 clicks and 30,780 impressions per month.


Video Production

Video production has been vital to communicate effectively with Crawlspaces and More’s target market. We have utilized before and after videos of jobs and videos highlighting their service catalog across their social media, digital advertising, and website content. Video production has a way of effectively communicating what words can’t—seeing visuals of a crawlspace before encapsulation helps the potential customer comprehend the benefits of using Crawlspaces and More.


Customer Referrals & Reviews

We have employed many marketing tactics to increase Crawlspaces and More’s visibility to their target audience—one of those being a referral program using a company called Signpost. Signpost compiles a database of users who have opted into email communication with Crawlspaces. Signpost then sends out emails with referral offers to customers and asks if they want to leave a review on Google. This service helps build a network of potential new customers and increases their Google My Business local ranking. To supplement their partnership with Signpost, we have also created and sent out email blasts and designed physical referral cards that the business owner provides to their customers.

Reviews are one of the most used resources for people that are searching for a service company. We helped Crawlspaces and More increase their GoogleMyBusiness profile reviews from three reviews to 66 currently with a 4.8 star rating.