Everyone wants to be a social media influencer. It seems like the best job in the world, right? You get to work for yourself, make content you’re passionate about, and serve a community that gives you a higher purpose. But oh wait… how do you get to that point?

The life of a social media influencer is actually far from relaxed, and if you’re just starting out there are many factors to consider. Growing a following on social media is much more labor- intensive than it may sound. That is not to say you should not try, but you must be prepared to fully immerse yourself in your craft if you aim to be successful.

Being aware of best practices for social media marketing is vital to understand and maximize the potential of the platforms you post on. Everyone knows the basics– static posts and stories here and there. However, as an aspiring social media influencer you have to go above and beyond what everyone else is doing. Your chances of gaining a following are maximized when you show up on social media every day. In other words, if you show up like it’s a job you can get paid like it’s a job.

What does it mean to show up every day? Simply posting one static image a day will not engage your potential audience in the way you desire. The key to cultivating a loyal audience is to talk to your followers. You can —and should — do this through stories, lives (real-time video broadcast on social media), and videos on your social media pages. If you post stories and lives and engage every day, over time, your followers will develop an attachment to your content. You can talk about your core subject matter, lifestyle topics, or even things as simple as how your day went.

Another important facet of social media marketing is utilizing every aspect of a platform to its full ability. Static posts, lives, stories, and videos are all most effective when used together. For example, when you make a particularly important static post on Instagram you should repost it to stories, film a few story slides about it, and do a live before and after posting. This strategy allows you to reach your audience from several different vantage points.

Consistency and strategy are vital when trying to develop a following on social media. These tips will help ensure your audience receives relevant and authentic content and keeps coming back for more. If you’re interested in accelerating the process of becoming a social media influencer, we would be happy to discuss some viable alternatives and routes to success. We have an experienced and creative team that provides the direction, organization and solutions needed for influencer campaigns.