It’s 2020, and it’s time for your business to take a serious look at its marketing strategies. Are they working for you? Or does something need to change? Many small businesses spend endless time and money trying to get their marketing message out, only to realize that they are not reaching the right audience.

Targeted advertising leverages the power of the internet to help your business reach the people it needs to reach. Targeted advertising is the process of aiming a marketing message at a specific target audience that is interested in your service or product. Instead of spending money advertising to thousands of people who don’t care about what you have to say, smart targeted advertising allows you to spend your marketing dollars to reach the right people at the right time.

Targeting advertising includes ads on social media platforms like Facebook, as well as on search engines like Google. Some websites even include targeted ads based on users’ purchasing and browsing habits.

Through targeting advertising, you can have the confidence of knowing that your promotional messages will bring about an improved response rate among your target audience. This means you will convert more views into sales for your business.

At Navigation Advertising, we have the expertise to help you identify your target audience and the tools to help you reach them. We will work with you to develop a targeted advertising campaign that reaches your audience with the right message.

Don’t let another year slip by without addressing your business’ marketing needs. The internet is changing advertising for small businesses, and you can use these changes to your advantage. Make 2020 the year that you use your marketing dollars to convert new clients through targeted advertising.

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